Unleashing the inner blogger 

Discovery of the day: There’s something remarkably therapeutic in writing and expressing yourself, Sometimes in a world where it is easier than ever to connect and communicate through the advancements in technology and the increase in countless pages of social media, the world can be a lonely place when you cant express whats happening inside your mind. Sometimes the worst place to be is inside your own head , like watering a maturing a seed, a bad thought can manifest it’s roots deep inside and flourish outwards. If left alone this manifestation can completely intoxicate and poison the mind. One of the most important   lessons to be learned is realising the natural negativity of thoughts and cutting branches off before letting it free. Communication in the essence of the word is expression of ones thoughts, feelings and ideas. In a world where it’s  supposed to be easier than ever there are still deficient  times where it couldn’t be harder to communicate. Screens and text messages sadly don’t convey the love, affection and subtle hints that physical contact and conversation hold. Savour the moments and intamacy in holding a truly open conversation with another human , feel humbled you are given that connection, protect the person who has chose to expose their inner minds to you, when you can truly open yourself equally to another person. That is freedom. 



And so the adventure begins..

One of the hardest realisations is one in which you realise that no matter how hard you plan, no matter how many safe steps you take and no matter how willing you are to be prepared to walk into the wild, not everything will always work out as you expect. The universe by its own nature is chaotic , the third law of thermodynamics, entropy states any spontaneous reaction increases the entropy of the universe, for every unexpected reaction the more chaotic the universe becomes, so yes Life will throw up it’s curve balls , it will put mountains in the way of your goals , And it leaves you stuck on one side of the ocean without a boat or paddle when you’re desperate to reach your destination on the other side. With this hard fact you face two two options , you can walk away with the knowledge that you’re comfortably safe in what you know. Or you can face up to what has been planted in the way , you can climb that mountain ,you can build a raft and get to where you want to be. One of the biggest challenges you will face in life is to summon the bravery to know what the next step may hold. To open your door, one of thousands of endless possibilities and outcomes. This requires a inner strength that many choose to ignore for the risk of opening the wrong door. Sometimes it’s not possible to analyse and prove which one is for you , Sometimes you need faith , blind faith that the road you’re walking down will somehow or other turn out to be the right choice and if it isn’t, you’ll figure it out on the way. People lose track of the reasons they even wandered along that path , they obsess with the destination they forget to enjoy the ride. Life is the most perfectly imperfect thing that I know , it’s way of throwing a spontaneous reaction just when you need it most, to create a perfectly imperfect chaotic Life for you. But then when It all seems too much and you’re at the point of giving up it gives you another person to create the imperfectly perfect relationship with , it gives you someone to push you up the mountain , To help build your raft , to share your experience with. Everybody is sent to you for a reason, there are no chance encounters when this person enters your life you know, the universe knows why is has crossed your paths , It’s this person who has been equally been through all of the challenges and to the depths of the imperfect that you must truly value them and not be blinded by your goals. The first law of thermodynamics states energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed into another form. The same can be said in life , when you have that energy and life throws it’s daily grind, its troubles and worries in your direction and it becomes a little to much and you’re feeling stuck in your rut, breathe deep, take a moment to yourself and remember that your energy is still there, but only being directed in the wrong form. Take nothing for granted and nothing is certain but remembering the reasons for journey are as important as the destination itself. It’s the people who we meet along the way that make life what it is and can be, take your time to appreciate these people, the ones who will be there through the good, the bad and the ugly, the ones who will hold your hand through the difficult times , who smile for simply being in the moment, the ones with the same passion for life, focus on the journey together and enjoy the small seemingly insignificant moments that ironically are the ones that last. Love and sometimes endure their perfect imperfection remember that they to are carrying their own scars and demons, give them your pieces and stitch each together, and create something new and beautiful. Someday we may find what we are looking for ,we may not. But enjoying the journey regardless is the key to the ultimate pursuit of happiness.