Discovery of the day: There’s something remarkably therapeutic in writing and expressing yourself, Sometimes in a world where it is easier than ever to connect and communicate through the advancements in technology and the increase in countless pages of social media, the world can be a lonely place when you cant express whats happening inside your mind. Sometimes the worst place to be is inside your own head , like watering a maturing a seed, a bad thought can manifest it’s roots deep inside and flourish outwards. If left alone this manifestation can completely intoxicate and poison the mind. One of the most important   lessons to be learned is realising the natural negativity of thoughts and cutting branches off before letting it free. Communication in the essence of the word is expression of ones thoughts, feelings and ideas. In a world where it’s  supposed to be easier than ever there are still deficient  times where it couldn’t be harder to communicate. Screens and text messages sadly don’t convey the love, affection and subtle hints that physical contact and conversation hold. Savour the moments and intamacy in holding a truly open conversation with another human , feel humbled you are given that connection, protect the person who has chose to expose their inner minds to you, when you can truly open yourself equally to another person. That is freedom. 



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